What if you didn’t have to keep score?

If you’ve ever sat and thought, ‘I’m not doing it anymore. I’m not going to keep giving and giving and trying and trying when this person isn’t making half as much effort as me’, this is for you.

For a moment, entertain the possibility that you don’t have to keep score. Being the one who gives doesn’t have to mean you’re being taken advantage of, that the other person doesn’t care, or that you’re being a doormat. Those are beliefs we’ve taught ourselves to perpetuate an idea of separation and divisiveness.

What if you gave, because it felt good? What if you only gave when it felt good, when you could genuinely offer the other person love, and peace, with your gift of energy? Then, would it really matter if the score was even? If you felt good, what does it matter if you’re doing all the giving and they’re doing all the taking or not making the effort?

If it doesn’t feel good to give, stop. You have that power. That’s your choice. But don’t give, then get pissed off that you chose to give and they chose to take. Try not keeping score, see how it feels.