I want you to know that you are making waves in this world. It might seem fruitless sometimes but every step you take towards joy, towards love and towards peace DOES make a difference. It reminds your brain who you really are, and it reminds others of what it’s like to be kind and loving.

Please don’t give up on yourself because you’re tired. When we’re tired is often the time when the miracles happen because we surrender. We hold our hands up and say, ‘Maybe I don’t know what’s best!’, and in that moment of vulnerability, we are shown the way. We feel relieved because we’ve finally dropped the pretence and admitted we’re not perfect…and we don’t need to be.

In the aftermath of those moments, a friend will call, an offer will come up to get support or a new direction, your kids will be good for once or you’ll get some time off unexpectedly. Embrace these miracles. Notice them. Allow yourself to follow your heart more. This is YOUR life, you get to enjoy it.

PS If this is one of those moments for you, message me about working together ♥