I am fully supported.

I lived in fear for most of my life.

I had developed such a sense of lack in my life that even though I always had clean clothes and food to eat, I was acutely aware that it could all be taken away in an instant. I ‘knew’ money didn’t grow on trees and you had to work hard for everything you got. I ‘knew’ that even if I did that, there were no guarantees so I had to squirrel and save and never enjoy myself too much in case that somehow made me greedy and my happiness or support or money would be taken away.

I learned this as a fact. It was a belief that I felt kept me safe for years. Until I realised that it didn’t. It gave me the impression of safety, whilst keeping me trapped in a prison of my own making. It stopped me achieving my potential, being vulnerable and connecting with others fully, because I was scared the world was out to get me, and I had to watch my back.

Changing those beliefs took a long time. It took many books, many courses, many teachers. I still drop into lack thoughts every now and again. The last couple of weeks tested me. And yet, I PROMISE YOU, it is worth it.

The thing is, if something doesn’t feel good, if it doesn’t nourish your soul and give you a sense of peace and purpose, you get to change how you think and feel about it. You have that power.

If something doesn’t feel good, there’s a belief or judgement or opinion – a meaning you’re making of it – that is coming from a place of fear, lack or attack. You can release that and ask to see with love and abundance instead.

Your choice. I can only tell you that when I notice that feeling of fear, of worry, and I consciously shift my thinking to one of being fully supported, and not having to know HOW I will be supported, I am always supported. Money always comes. Opportunities always come. Friends always come. Everything always works out.

If you’d like a coach and accountability partner to help you make love and abundance your regular state of being, send me an email and let’s talk x

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