It took her a while, and she still slipped every now and then, but she had learned to trust her inner knowing, more than any outer wisdom she accumulated through rational and logic.

She had tested it over the years – fought with herself doing the things she thought to be ‘sensible’ and that ‘made sense’, but for some reason never worked out the way she hoped, or worked out but still didn’t feel good. She realised now, that she was out of alignment. She had asked the world what she should do instead of her heart: stuck to the rules of a place which rarely made sense – make money, get a job, find a ‘nice’ guy.

She realised there was nothing wrong with any of these things, when they were actioned from a place of intuitive knowing and peace, rather than rational workings out.

The moment we feel frustrated or out of alignment with ourselves, we have chosen with our head instead of our heart. By doing so, we have closed our hearts to intuition, guidance, miracles and synchronicity. When a decision comes from a place of knowing, there is nothing to like or dislike, struggle with or work out, it is just something to be done, in peace and accordance with our own core being.

If you are struggling with any course of action right now, take some time in quietude to feel the love and support that surrounds you, and ask your own internal guidance system what you need to do to be in alignment with all that is. Learn to trust the nudges you get – they will never lead you astray.