We all know that most of the time, there’s a reason for something. We know that if something happens, good or bad, that there will be a bigger reason. That reason is supposed to give us comfort. It’s supposed to help us make sense of some of the horrible stuff that happens and allow us to learn from it and move forward.

What happens then, when you don’t know why?

When you can’t make any sense of what happened and it was so monumental it shook the very core of your being, so you know there MUST have been a reason, but you’ll be damned if you can figure out what it is?

It’s times like these, and I’ve had a few, when I get scared and freak out. It’s allowed, although it’s much easier if you don’t. Because what is the world coming to if stuff happens and there’s no reason for it? There’s no higher purpose or greater learning to be had from it. What if there’s just pain and devastation?

Of course that’s never the whole story. When you don’t know why, the why is patience. It’s probably the hardest why there is, but it’s one of the most important too. When we can’t see the why, we have to trust that it will come with hindsight and stay focused on moving forward.

When you don’t know why something happened, keep the following in mind:

1. There is nothing in the past, you move forward or die, so choose to live each day, each moment, and keep moving forward.

2. Trust that there IS a reason, and you will see it when the time’s right. Trust that if this happened, it was to make way for something better, as long as you are open to receiving it.

3. Forgive – yourself and everyone/thing else involved, because you deserve peace, and the sooner you forgive, the sooner you can be open to receiving something better.

4. Lookout for new opportunities for learning, growth, love and abundance. If you look for them, they will come.

5. Be willing to hear the why, even if it’s something you don’t want to hear. Often the lessons are hard, and the more stubborn we are, the more drastic the lesson to ensure we learn it.

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