She listened to the wind outside her window, but no longer felt scared.
The wind could no more hurt her than the rest of her dream.
It could bang at the windows of her soul, but could not come in. It was no more real than the other dreams she dreamt, trying to keep herself safe from all the perceived dangers of the world.

Despite knowing for some years that all her thoughts produced form at some level, she only recently realised the power this gave her.

She could choose how she learned. She could choose how to grow.
She could choose what to heal, and how to truly see others.

She could choose to forgive, to not judge, to be humble, and above all, kind.

Every time she fell down on those things, she had the opportunity to learn them again, and try to do better.
The quicker she learned, the easier life became.

It all comes down to this – who did she choose to be?

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