WorkLet me ask you a question – are you enjoying life? Are you actually living life, or just letting it pass you by in a whirl of work and goals and check lists and meet and greets and I’ll-relax-just-as-soon-as-I-get-all-this-shit-done -ness?

You’re all lovely intelligent people, you do not need me in your inbox on a Sunday afternoon (that’s London time) telling you to PUT DOWN THE LIST. So I’m not going to do that.

If you are a list person, or someone who seems to be constantly striving towards something so fast they forget to live in between, let me ask you another question – how many times have you smiled today?

It’s a proven scientific fact that you must smile at least 57 times a day in order to be healthy and happy*, like the number of Heinz beans varieties.

Other stuff I’ve noticed is a good indication of whether you’re living fully –

  • sleeping well,
  • being able to get ridiculously drunk with your friend and writing of the entire next day,
  • not getting ridiculously drunk and writing off the entire next day anyway,
  • eating a bar of chocolate without simultaneously scheduling in a gym session the next day,
  • taking impromptu trips
  • joining a dating site and not freaking out about it
  • Taking an extra hour to actually cook your favourite meal from scratch
  • booking your freaking plane tickets to Bali for September so you have to go, even if it is by yourself

That last one might have just been for me, but you get the idea. While you’re focused on the end game, life is passing you by. All the things you want to achieve take time – you’ve gotta make sure what you need to do to achieve them makes you smile.

*I may have totally just made that up