I don’t really get the whole “I need to lock myself in a cabin alone in the woods for a month so I can write” thing. I know people do it. I know it can work. And yet, I doubt it will ever work for me.
I need to experience life in order to be inspired. I need connection and relationships.
I need the feelings that come from that first bolt of lightening as you look into clear blue eyes, the feeling of being bear hugged by someone who loves you, or of my cheek muscles aching from laughing so much. And yes, sometimes even the pain of mismatched expectations to give contrast and context to the joy.

How I show up as myself represents a choice in time. It represents me choosing what I want to share with the world: what I feel is worthy enough. And for every moment I choose to show up as anything less than all of me, I deny a part of me.
Everyday, I make a fresh commitment to show up and be vulnerable; to share the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ and to be really, completely, heart-wrenchingly honest with myself, and with you.

I’m doing this not only for the freedom it affords me when I have nothing to hide, but also to create the space for you to do the same: to be seen as a whole, complete and worthy person, who has something wonderfully unique and valuable to contribute to the world.

I’m doing this because in order to have the sort of relationships we want, with ourselves and others, we have to learn how to truly love ourselves and others, and that starts with getting real, facing the things that scare us, embracing them, releasing what needs to be freed and stepping into who we’ve been at our core, all along: a truly unique expression of love.

And so this is my invitation to you, if you resonate with all this: Join me for a three month immersion into life from January: think soul family connections, meaningful, real and supportive relationships, monthly mentoring and coaching from me (group and one to one) and a personalised programme of teaching based on what’s going on in your life, in real time. Applications are open, and I’m creating space for the most wholehearted collection of humans to join me in the True You Collective <3

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