I hope that I can leave you a little better than I found you.

It’s not ego, or the rescuer in me that hopes for this, because I do this for selfish reasons.

Hoping I leave you feeling a little (or even) happier; or that I offer you some comfort or relief in your suffering, helps me hold myself accountable.

It makes me a better person. It gives me a purpose.

It requires me to check my intention before I speak or act: why am I doing this? Why would I say this? Is this helpful? Is it healing?

And whether we crossed paths in the street, talked one time for five hours over badly made cocktails and warm beer, or shared our lives and dreams and beds with each other, I hope I left you a little better than I found you.

I hope that helps you do the same for someone else.

P.S. slightly disappointed my most liked posts are quotes and a picture of my foot tattoo, but I’ll roll with it and be grateful anyway

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