I can think myself out of fear.

Pretty cool, huh?

Yesterday I went to an awesome event run by Hay House UK and got to listen to Gabrielle Bernstein as well as some other amazing authors. At the end of the event I bought Gabby’s new deck – Miracles Now.

I went to bed exhausted but excited, thinking that this morning’s blog post would be all about the event and the speakers and how cool it was.

When I woke up, I started thinking about the question I had wanted to ask Gabby, but which hadn’t fully formulated in my mind in time. I wanted to ask if there was a time for realism in the Universe’s plan. As the day I leave my part-time corporate safety-net job draws nearer, more and more people are asking me, ‘but what if you don’t get enough clients?’. Whilst I always answer the same, ‘something will work out – I know this is what I’m supposed to do’, I have also realised that people are asking me this because my fear is becoming manifested in front of me, so I can deal with it.

Deep down, I have these same fears. Of course I do. I’ve had a guaranteed salary my whole life. Whilst it’s incredibly liberating to think, ‘oh hey, I want a bit more money to go on holiday in the summer, so I’ll just take on another client’, it’s also a completely different way of working. And change is scary for many people.

So as I lay in my morning mediation, I wondered what Gabby would have said if I had asked if there was a place to consider a back up plan, and I heard my answer:

The Universe always has a plan for you. Get out of your own way and stop blocking it. If something happens that you weren’t expecting, the plan hasn’t gone ‘wrong’, there’s just a different lesson you needed to learn.

Well. That told me then. I actually started laughing – of course the Universe had a plan. I just needed to chill out and go with the flow. I decided to pull a card from my shiny new deck. This is the one I got.

I can think my way out of fear.

As I looked down at the card, I realised it was exactly what I needed, (obviously). I just had to shift my thinking. Instead of thinking that if anything happened that wasn’t exactly aligned with my plan that it was a disaster and I should be scared because it was all going horribly wrong and how could I have possibly thought I could do this (insert your own fearful thoughts here)….all I needed to do was remember to shift my thinking to, ‘What is this lesson trying to teach me? How is the Universe guiding me to something different?’

You CAN think your way out of fear, IF you’re brave enough to recognise it.

If you can acknowledge your defensiveness and your fear, you can begin to forgive yourself for it and look for the lessons. You can change your thinking, and allow the fear to dissolve.

A good place to start with this is my Feel Your Feelings meditation. Facing yourself head on is the only way to exact change in your life.


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