As I wake up for what seems like the millionth day at 1am, 3am, 4:44am and 5:30am, my brain spinning round in my head, I wonder why I can’t seem to let myself rest.

I spend the rest of my day half awake, feeling tired and run down.

Any of that sound familiar? Coupled with anxiety or IBS? Fun huh?

I have a built in tendency to stress over the little things, so the big things REALLY throw me. More and more now, as I just the tools I’m sharing with you below, I’ve managed to reduce this a lot, and now, one or two nights where I don’t sleep that great is normally my limit before I let go and let the Universe take over.

If you follow me on social media, you’ll have noticed last week I was getting a lot of signs to ‘surrender‘, which I listened to eventually. Weirdly, even though we all know we don’t want to worry about something, when we have the option to give it up, we tend to hit a lot of resistance and don’t seem to want to let it go.

Friends, let me introduce you to your ego. Your ego is the part of your head which is trying to keep you separate, so A Course in Miracles teaches us. It doesn’t want you to find an easy option and hand over all your troubles to the Universe because then you’d realise you didn’t need your ego anymore and all conflict, which it thrives on, would melt away.

So the ego resists us giving up whatever it is that’s stressing us out. Keeping working on it, you are stronger than your ego! Here are the tools I use:

The acceptance and trust meditation (daily):

The ‘Universe has my back’ process:

Each morning, open you mind up to the Universe and imagine everything in your head floating up and being looked after by the Universe. You’re left with nothing (if there’s anything you particularly want to hold on to, write it down – nothing stays in your head). Throughout the day, remind yourself that you don’t need to think about anything. If you need any information, just ask the Universe to provide it for you. At the end of the end, close your mind to assist in a good night’s rest.

So Ham Meditation:

This is a better mantra meditation to do if you’re out and about. On the inhale, silently repeat ‘So’ and on the exhale, ‘Ham’ – it’s a scared Kundalini yoga mantra which means ‘I am That’. It aligns you to become one with the Universe and is incredibly calming and powerful. Whenever you feel yourself getting stressed about something, come back to your breath and repeat the mantra.

I know it’s not easy to release your troubles but honestly, it feels soooooo much better not to have to worry about them! Even if you’re sceptical, try all the methods above and let me know how you get on. If things are really sticking, contact me and I’ll help you out 🙂


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