I’m sure you can already guess what this post is going to be about, but if you’re still reading that’s a positive sign. It means you’re open to really creating shifts in your life. The truth is, many of us want the easy option to “success” (myself included). For a long time I skirted around the concepts of personal and spiritual development; reading a few books, taking an odd class, basically, whatever didn’t take too much effort or emotional toll. I wanted the happy, peaceful life the spiritual leaders had, without having to put in the effort. I was a marketeer’s dream.

We’re so used to having everything available to us instantly, that we expect the same to happen with our minds. Want to shift that self-sabotaging thought? Pop a pill or do this neat trick for three days and it’ll be gone forever! Now, change can happen in an instant, and does, in many cases, but when it does, we often forget that there’s been a whole heap of moments leading up to this point, that have created little shifts towards the final change.

If we really stopped to look at all the work we’d done to get to where we are, we see that if we’d have been a bit more committed and consistent, maybe we could have got there faster.

My message to you here is that there are no short cuts. All the tools and techniques and courses ultimately lead you to the same place. What makes a big difference is the commitment you put into your chosen tool. If the desire and intention is really there, and you are really open and willing to remove the blocks you have to love’s presence, then that commitment and openness will create the change you desire, and you will be drawn to the tool most suitable for you in that moment.

What, if anything, do you want to shift or change in your life right now? How committed are you to doing that? How uncomfortable are you willing to get? It’s totally OK if you’re not uber committed to that goal yet, pick another one, you can always come back to it, or not, if the desire for the change grows. My point, is to be compassionate with yourself, and get brutally honest about what you really want, and go after that with all your heart and soul.