That second, just after the door bangs, when you realise something bad’s about to happen.

The email you get that makes your stomach turn over and drop to the floor the moment you read the subject line.

The way you question if you’re giving away how angry you are by the way you’re gripping the side of your chair for dear life, whilst simultaneously smiling and nodding pleasantly at your boss as she tells you to do the 108th thing on your to do list that day, oh, and it’s just as urgent as the other 107.

There is an answer to all of these problems. But I don’t know what yours will be.

If I told you mine, there’s every chance it could work for you, but equally every chance it couldn’t. Then what? You’d come after me with a long pointy stick and start poking me and calling me a liar. OK, you probably wouldn’t do that, ‘cos you’re nice people, but you’d be pretty annoyed, and I’d feel pretty bad all by myself and want to go use my ritual to fix it, but it’s fixing powers would have been sullied by the lack of workability for you.

So no. No-one wants all that kerfuffle. So you’ll have to get your own.

*OMG can’t believe how much I love the word KERFUFFLE.*

If you have your own, it can be all yours, baby. You will own the sausage out of that ritual. (Sausage?! Really?! Where do I get this stuff from?).

Any you know what happens when you have your own (metaphorical) sausage? You can go through the world kicking ass like a sexy girl-version teenage mutant ninja turtle (if you’re too young for that, 1. I hate you, 2. You missed out – go and google them right now) or alternatively, a super built TMNJ (‘cos, let’s face it, these guys were really not that sexy, unless you have a turtle fetish, which I don’t).

So you’re itching to get one of these bad boys right? A key to owning your power and feeling like you can handle anything? Want to know how to get one?

Get a blank google doc up / your sexy, oh-so-soft-to-the-touch-it-makes-me-feel-like-I’m-a-real-writer Moleskin notebook and your favourite pen and download the Brain Wave (30 Binaural Beats) iPhone app (if you have an iPhone, otherwise, there really is no point).

If you have the app, stick your headphones in and listen to the ‘creative boost’.

Write down all your ‘in-the-moment’ moments – all the times you can remember where you’ve felt in control, in the zone, completely chilled or otherwise awesome.

Think back to holidays, your most stressful times and times when you’ve been alone with your thoughts.

Keep going until you have at least ten.

Look at your list.

Your ritual is in there. Find the common theme, or sit with your intuition and go to the one you are drawn to and find a way to make it accessible and do-able, at home or wherever you might find yourself.


That’s it gorgeous. Want to know how to stay calm and focused? Find something that grounds you and do more of it.

The reason I wrote this post? This week I ‘forgot’ to do my ritual. I was ‘too busy’. By Friday I wanted to shout at everyone who dared to say hello to me, which made me feel like an incompetent bitch. And no-one wants to feel like an incompetent bitch who can’t handle the pressure. It also took me five days to realise I hadn’t done my ritual. Once I’d done it, I felt like the biggest weight had been lifted.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on. Don’t tell me what it is though – it’s your secret weapon!