We spend so much time analysing, procrastinating and waiting. What are we waiting for? The stars to align? The seas to part? Why do we feel like we need a huge sign to tell us it’s OK to do what we want to do? Who’s permission are we after here?

I probably shouldn’t have asked five questions in a row there but hopefully it made you think. If there’s only this moment, if this moment is the only moment we have, because the future never comes and the past is only alive in our memories, the only moment we can pick, is this one. This moment right now, is the only moment we can ever choose to take action in, so what’s holding you back?

Timing is never going to be perfect, because we can’t control it, nor can we control other peoples’ reactions to our choices, so really, it just comes down to you. Are you ready? Whatever decisions you’re holding back on, don’t kid yourself that you’re doing it for any other reason than that you’re scared. There’s nothing wrong with putting timelines in place. If you know you can’t pay a bill until you receive your pay this week, that makes sense. You’re not procrastinating. You know when you’ll get paid and that will then allow you to pay the bill. However, if you’re putting off breaking up with someone, or staying in a job you hate, or avoiding that awkward conversation with a friend or loved one, don’t. Just don’t. Life is to be lived. We have no idea when the time in our physical bodies will run out.

‘Perfect’ is a socially constructed piece of rubbish. Nothing and no-one is perfect. They just are. Perfect is a matter of perception and means nothing in our physical world. No matter how you look at a person or situation you, or someone else, would be able to find a flaw if you tried. Instead, look for acceptance. Acceptance is the acknowledgment that someone or something just is. Exactly how it or they are, is fine. They’re totally OK. It’s totally OK. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, it’s just a moment. That moment will go and another moment will take it’s place. That’s fine too. Find the joy in the changing moments. Find the joy in acceptance.

If you accept the present moment; if you accept things exactly as they are right now, there will never be a reason to wait. Make THIS your moment.