I’ve been playing around a lot with the idea of trust recently and this is where I’ve ended up. I am often asked, how do I learn to trust? I don’t know if it is a learning, but more a doing: a decision.

At some point, you must take a leap of faith. No amount of ‘evidence’ from the past will convince you that you or someone else can be trusted, for the past does not predict the future. The only thing to do is decide to trust, knowing that whatever happens, love will catch you.

You will be OK. If your trust is betrayed or you realise you trusted your ego (identifiable by a lack of boundaries or respect or love for yourself) instead of your intuition, you will be shown, and invited back to love, back to your core self and you will have the opportunity to forgive yourself and try again.

Trust isn’t a negotiation, it is a choice, made by the seemingly vulnerable who are actually the strongest, precisely because they put their faith in love.