Sometimes, I write lots of words. They flow so easily I barely even notice I’m writing them. And other times, I stare at the screen hoping for inspiration because I have so much to say but the words won’t come.

And in this moment, in particular, I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated because this is one of the times my words matter most, when I want to really touch people emotionally, because I know that what I have to offer is needed, and will help; will make things easier and more fun and less painful….and yet, here I am, knowing that the moment my focus is on YOUR reaction to me, judgment creeps in and throws the whole damn thing off.

And there are so many words, too many to choose from. And it comes down to this. If you’re ready for more, I’m ready to support you to become everything you were meant to be, and more.

So here’s the thing: I have this new programme. It’s fricking amazing. I know this because I didn’t think it all up by myself, I asked what you, my community, needed, and then I put it together with my own touch of alchemical magic.
It’s personal coaching, group coaching and your very own soul family to boot. It won’t break the bank and will allow you to experience coaching AND life at the same time. It’s the push you’ve been looking for.

I have lofty goals for this programme. I’m even retiring my signature programme, Clarity, Compassion and Confidence to create all the space I need to hold you safely in this container.
This is three months of your life which will transform everything (See? Lofty goals). How we do one thing is how we do everything. So, I’m all in with you. I will mentor and coach you through a personalised programme based on your experiences and what you need. We explore relationships and everything that comes up that blocks us reaching our potential and you get to step into the True You.

The True You Collective opens for enrolment today – to find out more and to apply, head on over to

I’m going to be talking about this and answering any questions you have in a FB live on my business page at 2pm today (London time) so I’d love to see you there

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