Are you at the Jubilee? I live about 20m from the Thames in London but I’m actually spending this rainy afternoon in our flat, writing, playing, and watching it all unfold on the BBC.

Why am I asking you about the Jubilee? Because people asked me. And, I have to be honest, I felt a bit bad when I said I wouldn’t be having a garden party (I don’t have a garden) or getting up at 6am to camp out on the Thames to see the Queen.

It made me feel a bit guilty, a bit unpatriotic, a bit like a bad person.

That made me realise, it didn’t have to be the Jubilee, on a much larger scale, feeling we have to justify ourselves is a massive hurdle for living our dreams.

Let’s face it, it took me a year of writing this blog before I starting telling people I knew that I was doing it, before I starting sharing my posts with my own facebook friends and before I actively starting seeing clients.


I was scared. I was scared of what people would think of me. Scared people would think I was flakey, not focused enough on my blossoming career in the city, too ‘hippy’…

You know the weird thing, once I just started putting myself out there; once I said, you know what, I really can’t be arsed trying to be two people and keep myself hidden from ¬†everyone, I got a really good response.

Not like, everyone came flocking and now I’m a big de-stressing superstar, but, everyone accepted it. They accepted me.

I am not telling you to share your darkest secerets with everyone.

I am telling you that it’s a whole lot easier to be congruent with your true self, to be genuine and honest with yourself and those around you, than to try to fit in, just because you think you should.

You have a lot more positive stuff to give as yourself than when you use some of the energy pretending to be something or someone you’re not.