Something that I’ve found helpful to work with the last week or so….
A Course in Miracles is annoyingly clear when it comes to how to respond to others. Everything….everything is either love, or a call for love. That means if something doesn’t seem loving, if someone seems to ask you to do something stupid, acts like an idiot, does or says something that just seems totally insane… the only appropriate response is love. Love really is the only answer.

Everyone just wants to be loved and whatever they do is a reflection of this desire to be loved.

Maybe responding with love doesn’t look like giving that person a hug. Maybe it looks like gently removing yourself from the situation entirely. It does mean that regardless of what seems to happen physically, you hold in your mind that that person just wants to feel safe and loved, and that is all you can really offer them that might be remotely helpful for either of you to break the cycle of suffering on both sides. It is also, as an aside, all you want too – to feel safe and loved.

By extending love to others, we reaffirm to ourselves that we already have love within us. If we didn’t have it we couldn’t give it away afterall. In this way we benefit from the exchange too. By loving others we receive love and teach ourselves that “to have, give all to all.” ( | T-6.V-A.5:13).