I got this tattoo when I was in love with a man, who possibly never loved me back. I didn’t get it ‘for’ him; that would make me far too vulnerable, but I got it as a reminder. I’ve never told anyone the real reason.

A reminder that whoever comes into our lives, whether for a fleeting second to catch our eye, or into our bed for what seems like forever when time stands still, we are forever enmeshed with them.
In the infinity of time and space, that connection will always live on, long after you say your goodbyes and walk out of each others’ lives.
The lessons we can learn from that connection will keep coming, becoming intertwined with new connections, new loves, new feelings…and the energy will grow and morph and develop, and be forever with you.

Do not mourn for a connection that wasn’t as grand or long lasting as you expected – it has had the exact effect on you it was supposed to <3


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