Sometimes honest is too honest. Sometimes the truth is too much. Sometimes it’s unnecessary…..when it comes to sharing.
We sometimes think that in order to validate our own truth, or to make it ‘real’ to us, we need to share it. We need to tell someone. I don’t think we do.

Our truth is our truth whether we know it in our hearts or whether we shout it from the rooftops. Acknowledging what’s going on for us, being honest with ourselves about the parts of us we love, like, don’t like and wish we could change is the greatest commitment we can give to ourselves and our growth, and it has nothing to do with anyone else, unless we want it to.
Being discerning with how we share our truth does not mean we are out of integrity – it is the very definition of it.

Recognising that something doesn’t feel right means you’ve recognised your truth. You only need to share that if:

1. You can hold yourself whilst doing so i.e. you’re sharing from a placing of loving intent and don’t need to receive a particular response from someone in order to feel OK about sharing it.
2. It’s going to benefit the other person.
If your truth is not going to serve the other person in some way, or you feel like you need a certain response, your truth is just yours for now. It doesn’t make it any less true. It doesn’t make it any less sacred.

And as I say this I hold within myself my own truths: the ones I’m scared to share because I’m not ready for the response I might get, the ones that make me vulnerable and the ones that have me thinking about love and truth and discernment and what it means to be truly open to receiving something incredible….and they are my truths, to hold and honour as I respect you for holding and honouring yours <3

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