Sometimes the quiet is the best place to be.

I’ve been so busy recently trying to be efficient. I’ve taken to listening to podcasts on my walks. They’re enlightening and informative, I am learning and I enjoy them, but in my efforts to kill two birds with one stone (I cannot have music or podcasts on when I’m at home or working – it creates anxiety for me!), I missed out on the beauty and the peacefulness of my local mountain range.

Birds sang, streams gurgled and the sun shone. Sometimes it’s helpful to strive for efficiency, and sometimes you miss out on the very benefits you were looking for because you’re trying to pay attention to too many things, consequently not paying full attention to either.

This was also the case last night, when, in my haste to get somewhere that did not need to be gotten to hastily, I forgot my shin-height dog gate was in place and went flying, resulting in four massive bruises, scraped knees and bruised palms. You have to laugh….and learn

Photo taken at: Wales

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