Don’t be afraid to say the wrong thing.

Sometimes we can let fear dictate our voices. We close down our thinking and our feeling because, ultimately, we don’t trust ourselves with the truth of our whole being, of the shadow parts and the parts we feel shame or guilt around. We fear how others may receive us, meaning we fear that part in ourselves.

We are rejecting ourselves in a time when everything we knew has shifted, and the only constant is the unknown.
There is no wrong or right here. There is only truth. We can choose to be discerning with how we share it, how we express it, but it is here regardless. We cannot change it, nor suppress it, just make our home within it. We can become comfortable with the truth of who we are, all of us.

I am inviting you to use this opportunity to accept the parts of yourself you have spent so long trying to run away from or avoid: the parts you thought were no good or broken, and the parts you thought no-one could love. EVERY part of you is lovable. You are NOT broken. You are whole and have unlimited potential. I believe in you.

Ask yourself what needs to move in order for you to love yourself, and if you need support, please reach out and ask – I’m offering on-going support via instant message, video and audio notes and am finding it such an incredible way to facilitate growth and support healing with my clients

Photo taken at: Medewi

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