Everything happens in relationship.
Every relationship we have, every interaction, big or small, is a gateway into our psyche. It allows us to identify where our experience has taught us to be defensive or scared; when we’ve learned that the world isn’t a safe place, or that we need to close off our hearts to our dreams and our passions.

By becoming conscious of these relationships, and using them to identify, test, feel, heal and learn, we create changes in our overall sense of wellness, our ability to cope with stress, and our ability to relate to others in a calm, compassion and present way.

In short, relationships provide a key to the level of happiness you are able to access in every other part of your life, if you choose to use them as such. What happens in relationships has wide-reaching effects in every aspect of your life, because to a certain extent, we only exist IN relationship with others.

This is how I work to get the life changing results I do. This is how coaching translates to real life changes – better relationships, better careers, better family interactions and dreams becoming reality. To find out more about working with me one on one click here.

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