I’ve been watching this little bubble emerge on my driveway the last week or so. Finally, I saw an actual living plant sprout up through the tarmac. Many would call it a weed, and an annoyance since it broke up perfectly good tarmac, but I see it as a miracle.

With belief, dedication, consistency and very slow, small steps each day, this little flimsy plant broke through tarmac. Actual, professionally laid tarmac road. There were no cracks there before. It just had an instinct to reach for the light.

And so it did. It couldn’t see the light. It just trusted the light was there and if it kept making small steps towards it, it would eventually get there.

If ever you can’t see the light, remember this plant, and keep reaching. The light is always there, even if you feel you are in darkness, and you are stronger than you know.