Love is a whole body experience. There is no such thing as a love which is conditional. That isn’t love. It’s control, and fear. If you’ve been ‘loved’ in a way that feels conditional, you’ll know what I mean. It doesn’t feel expansive and light and fun, it feels heavy, oppressive and addictive.

Love is the deep presence and raw honesty of the whole of your soul opening to another, without any expectation. Love is the giving AND the receiving, because loving another is a gift in and of itself, for you, and the other person.

We’ve been conditioned to think that we should only love people who deserve it – like love is some token currency that we can pass around and barter with.
Love has no exchangeable value. It IS value.

What about boundaries? What about protecting yourself from the people who take advantage? Love them anyway. Love them because the only thing they are doing when they hurt you, in their own learned and dysfunctional way, is trying to be loved. That is all any of us are trying to do.
It is what we are: Love. It is what we are here to be: Expressions of Love. It is what we are here to do: Love and be loved.

That’s all I’m doing: teaching you how to love and be loved; teaching you how to be peaceful. If that feels good, and your soul craves that peace, let’s talk about working together <3 :

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