I was walking my dog yesterday, which, aside from still trying to figure out how to curb her barking insanely at anything she doesn’t recognise (advice in the comments please), is actually a very pleasant experience. Especially since I’ve now pretty much fully moved back to Wales in advance of my move to Italy in the new year.

As I was meandering along waiting for Tilly to do her business and be ready with the necessary praise of ‘good poo poo’ in a sing song voice, I found myself starring at the grass and as my eyes glazed over slowly, I realised something…there are roughly one million, three hundred and seventy-five thousand different shades of green in any one patch of grass.

I’ve probably noticed that before at some point, but not for a while. For the last while I’ve been too busy ‘living’. Seeing clients, hosting webinars, making the all-important ‘connections’. I forgot about the most important connection of all, the connection with the Universe aka myself.

This post isn’t long (not that many of mine are these days). It’s here as a reminder to take time to smell the roses, really LOOK at the grass when the sun shines on it and wonder at the amazingness that is nature. Our lives are so full of pain and fear and darkness, yet that is simply what we are choosing to see (unconsciously or otherwise). Choose to see the light spots in the darkness today. Choose to see happiness instead of sadness and joy instead of pain. Breathe in your life and your freedom and be grateful for exactly where you are.


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