I wish I had more to offer you at this time. I wish I had the answers or the tools or the shortcuts to help us navigate the things we’re all facing individually, and collectively.

The truth is, I don’t. I have tools, and have made meditations available for free on my website (email me if you want the link), and as A Course in Miracles so poignantly points out throughout, I do not know what anything is for.

I can choose to judge everything that is happening, and assign it good or bad or scary, and I can (and have) over consume information – like if I just keep reading I’ll find the answer.

Or I can use this time to surrender and sink deeply into my own understanding of what love is, honour you, and how you may be feeling and processing, respect each person’s choices and feelings, and use this time and space of change to let go of everything I thought I could control, and learn what we are truly capable of, when we turn our focus on what we can do to help each other and our world.

I choose not to fight. I choose to surrender. I choose to follow the guidelines set by our governments, with loving intention for global healing, without any attachment or stress about what that might look like or how it might come about. This is how I can be of service, in some very small way. Sending you love

Photo taken at: Pulukan, Bali, Indonesia

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