I am not defined by your definition of me, nor by my definition of myself. My identity is no fixed thing. It does not have to be chosen nor identified and set in stone like a badge of honour to be worn and judged against. ‘You don’t do that’.
‘That seems so unlike you.’
‘This stuff should be important to you.’ I have been breaking free of moulds of my own making my whole life. The good girl. The one who’s well-behaved and does everything she’s told. The pretty girl. The stuck up girl. The clever girl. The un-fun girl.

Once upon a time I was too scared to do something different, so I did what everyone wanted me to. I got done with that some time ago.
Some days I get on a board and go surfing, but I’m not a surfer.
Some days I sit at my desk and write, but I’m not a writer.
Some days I sit and hold someone’s pain in my heart and help them create space to heal, but I’m not a healer.
Some days I feel sad, or anxious or frustrated, but that does not make ME negative.

I am not my feelings.
I am not my actions.
My identity is a fluid concept. I give myself permission to change. I give myself permission to be and do what feels in integrity for me in that moment, even if it’s different to how I felt yesterday.
I am my truth, in this moment.

You have that permission to change too. No-one can take it away from you. Allow yourself the freedom of being who you are NOW, rather than keep yourself stuck in who you were yesterday.

I’m excited to be working with a new wave of freedom-seekers for three months from January to dive deep into who we are and how to live the truth of that in any situation, relationship or circumstance. If you’re ready for more, apply now <3

Photo credit: @loveluella

Photo taken at: Coed Moel Famau

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