Just wanted to acknowledge all the people who are ‘getting through’ life right now. The people who’s plans have disappeared, who are grieving, who are just about hanging in there, hoping for something to hold on to soon, to those who have seen the worst of humanity, and are still willing to look for hope, for those who are holding others, even when no-one is holding them.

You are my heroes. You are showing up, and today, I hope you will see a sign that tells you it will be OK, and life will get better, because life is a series of tiny moments, and in any moment, your life can change. I know, I know, that’s such a cliche, and cliches are cliches because there’s often some truth in there.

In any case, I will always speak to love instead of fear. In my humble opinion, if I can choose to live with hope (even if that comes with disappointments), I would rather that and have a chance to feel love, than close my heart and live my life in fear.