Getting set for 2018! I love these @dailygreatness planners and used the personal / original one this year. Honestly, the “business” one seems a bit scary and formal ? AND I’m not much of a planner. I much prefer to go with what feels good in the moment but a little focus is never a bad thing.

This planner gets you thinking about why you do what you do, and the difference you want to make. I don’t have designs on being a millionaire or having a huge business or team (although if it happens it happens!), but I absolutely love seeing happy people and knowing I played a part in it.
I love getting to know what makes people tick and helping them let go of stuff in their past which has been holding them back…. So my big goals for 2018 are to continue to be of the most service I can be and earn enough to pay my rent, feed my dog, travel lots and meet cool people, doing cool things. Afterall, life is for living!

Ps: if there’s an aspect of your life which is bugging you, let’s support each other – I’ll help you, you’ll feel good, I’ll feel good, and my dog gets another month of food ??? Pps if you love the journal and want one for yourself (they do yoga, parent and training ones as well), here’s a link that’ll give you a discount and me some money for a coffee – win win!

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