Something magical has happened over the last few weeks. Maybe it’s the full moon, maybe it’s finding a nice boy to keep me company, or maybe it’s just that it’s Wales and the sun has been shining a bit, but I’m so full of inspiration I’ve been working round the clock (almost – self-care people – it’s important) and having so much fun!

Do you hate me yet?!

Don’t worry, this post isn’t going to be me telling you how much fun I’m having….at least not without telling you how you can feel the same. I’m guessing you do want that, right?

For most of us, and I was definitely in that category for the first thirty years of my life, life often feels like something to ‘get through’. You do it to get to where you want to be…..this magical land where you can start to have fun. In the Western world, this land is often called retirement, and so far, at least with the British economy, it’s likely you’ll get there when you’re about 85 years old. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to go sky diving and travelling the world when they’re 85?!

So, I, and many others like me, have decided that this plan sucks, and we need a new one. We need to figure out how to have FUN…..NOW.

You can do this in one of two ways, but it starts with the same thing. In my upcoming mindfulness course, we go through this in week 6, but it’s a great exercise to do at least a couple of times a year. Pen and paper at the ready…..

Write down a list of your daily / weekly activities – getting kids up, exercising, cooking, cleaning, drinks with friends, dinner with spouse, sex….just a rough overview of how you spend your time.

Mark with a tick (or heart, your choice!) the ones that make you happy, find satisfying or fun

Great. So hopefully you enjoy some aspects of your life right now. It’s those pesky others we have to sort out.

Option 1 – Do less of them and more of the ones you like. Not always possible, but if there’s a chore you like and one you don’t, could you make a deal with your partner to swap? Could you hire someone, even if it’s not all the time? Can you re-organise so you’re doing fun stuff mixed in with not fun stuff each day to even things out a bit (the so-called ‘shit sandwich’)?

Option 2 – Whatever you can’t get rid of, you have to accept. However, you can practice doing these things with a little more awareness on the present moment. Practice immersing yourself fully in the task at hand. Notice how your body feels, notice the colours and sounds around you, become conscious of your ‘why’ i.e. are you doing laundry so you’ll have lovely smelling fresh clothes to wear?

This sounds quite simplistic, but much of what I teach is. It’s simplistic, yet profound. And, most importantly, it works. I rarely offer quick fixes, but what I do teach, if you stick with it and practice it with an open heart and mind, can really shift your perception of your life, and allow you to fill it with more happiness and peace.

At the end of the month I’m launching a brand new programme that I’m SO excited about. I’m condensing the steps I go through with all my one to one clients and putting them into a series of video talks with a workbook. It’s a new concept for me as I LOVE my 121 work but know that not everyone has the time or resources to dive into that style of work BUT they still want to work on themselves and be a happier and more peaceful and joyful version of themselves. It’s genuinely such a blessing to be able to offer guidance and help at a much more affordable price point and I can’t wait to get the feedback from my new clients! I’ll be posting some more about the course soon but in the meantime, if there’s anyone you know who might benefit from it, please forward this email on and get them to sign up so they get notified when it launches 🙂

P.S. Don’t worry – my 121 counselling isn’t going anywhere, I love it way too much! This is another option for those who want to work under their own steam! 🙂