It occurred to me the other day, that people, myself included, spend way to much time trying to figure out what will make them happy and what they should do.

Reality check – none of us should feel that we ‘should’ do anything.

Who told you that you ‘should’ feel better? You ‘should’ look on the bright side?

Sometimes, you might just want to wallow in your self-pity for a bit, have a bit of a cry, then get on with things.

This website isn’t about making people happy all the time. Not in the traditional sense. This website is about getting you to a place where you feel comfortable and confident about yourself. A place where you can allow yourself to have a bad day without feeling like you have to answer to the happiness police.

Feeling self-assured enough to own your own emotions brings with it its own kind of happiness.

So how do you ‘own’ your emotions?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer that categorically. I can however, tell you how I try to do it.

1. Meditate – please don’t roll your eyes at me. Go to the Open Heart Project right now and give Susan your email address. She’ll repay you with the easiest way to build a successful meditation practice I’ve ever seen.

2. Once you’ve built a little self-awareness around your feelings, you can then begin to choose them. Identify your feeling, give it a name, then choose a feeling that’s one degree better. Just one degree. It might be you move from despair to rage but rage feels one degree better for you. Stay there for a while, embrace the improvement. If you want you can keep going.

This isn’t ‘how to get happy’. This is allowing yourself to own your feelings which in turn will allow you to move closer to happiness, if you choose.

Now that you’ve read this, if you haven’t already, go back and sign up with Susan – let me know when you have in the comments!