The thing that I admire in you most: confidence. The part of you that stands boldly in front of me, unapologetic and clear on who you are.

That’s what gives you presence. That’s what makes you stand out from a crowd, without even saying a word. That’s what makes your silence as powerful as your voice.

Maybe you had a great childhood with loved ones who fostered a sense of self-esteem in you, and a healthy respect for individual choices, or maybe you struggled for years to let go of the conditioning that taught you to be small and to please others before yourself.

Whatever the past looked like for you, now you shine.
You do not seek to change others, but do not ask permission to be yourself either. You are comfortable in your own skin. Happy to be different if that’s your truth, and equally happy when you find kindred spirits.
You walk through life with ease and grace and absolutely no regrets, because you know every choice you make is right for you in this moment, and that’s everything. …Somehow I missed the fact that the bottom line result of working with me is feeling this confidence for yourself…even though my signature coaching programme is called Clarity Compassion and CONFIDENCE.

Getting clear on who you are + having compassion for yourself and others = trusting and knowing yourself and your needs = complete confidence to live your life in the way that works for You, without second guessing yourself
Photo credit: Tj Holowaychuk via @unsplash

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