What would life look like if we truly chose to bring full awareness to our thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs in each moment? How many unconscious patterns would we bring to light? How many opportunities would we have to choose again?

A few days ago I made a conscious decision that I’d been making less consciously for a while, and I voiced it, out loud. I decided that I would rather stare my limiting beliefs in the face, and choose differently, than continue to live parts of my life restricted and from a fearful mentality centred around lack and limitation. I decided I was tired of fear showing up every time I was in this particular situation.

Whilst this will require a LOT of showing up on my part, it will also lead to massive expansion as I look for the moments when my actions are informed by my visualising lack, instead of unlimited abundance, limitation instead of expansion, and fear and conditions instead of unconditional love.

There is nothing we can’t have, do, or be in this world, it is simply a case of choosing to see with love and abundance, and letting go of our judgements, opinions and limiting beliefs

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