We make thousands of choices every day. Mostly without thinking. Our brains learn patterns and choose what’s best for us based on our beliefs and past experience. It’s a really useful thing. It is also what keeps us doing the same unhelpful stuff, time after time after time. Until we become conscious of our choices and what’s driving them, we are powerless to change them.

Who you are is a movable concept. We are forever growing and learning. We are not who we were yesterday. We will be different again tomorrow. You get to reinvent yourself as many times as you want.

My only invitation to you, is that you change in alignment with your heart and your integrity – that each change you make brings you closer and closer to your true, unconditionally loved self. The one who doesn’t need approval, nor to prove anything to anyone, but feels safe and comfortable with the choices she makes, knowing she’s listening to her heart as she makes them.
P.S. Photo = current Portuguese breakfast choices…