We have the greatest gift in that we get to choose, in each moment, to live in the past, or the present.

We get to choose to bring our memories, our experiences, our pain and our judgements into the now, or leave them where they were.

We get to choose how to experience this moment: with the coloured lens of the past, or with the untainted lens of the present.

We can learn from our mis-takes, and choose differently in the future, without reliving the pain of the past or making choices from a place of fear or hurt. We can trust ourselves enough to recognise our own growth and allow ourselves to choose from the present, without the preconceived judgements of the past. We can choose lovingly, for ourselves, and leave the past in the past.

And if [as] we have experienced trauma, we can feel and process and heal that in our own time, with compassion for the process, without needing to re-traumatise or add to our trauma by reliving or recreating new versions of it in our present.

We are not broken. Nor are we stuck in a never-ending cycle of pain. We get to choose, even if we don’t yet know how.