I’ve worked with more than one client recently who realised that they were choosing to hold onto their own pain. They could see the light…just….but it was under a layer of pain that they were choosing on some level to hold on to.

Whenever I have more than one client experiencing the same thing, it’s normally an invitation to look within myself as well for the same thing. Where am I choosing to hold on to pain, instead of allowing it to transmute to love?

And the question then becomes….how do we ALLOW the pain to move (to transmute, shape shift, or move into the background)? For me, this work begins and ends in forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, removing our judgements and opinions about victims and perpetrators, right and wrong and good and bad. Life happened. We had an experience. It felt painful. We saw it through the eyes of fear. How long do we want to continue to hold that pain? Will letting it in, accepting it and allowing it to move so we can see the light within, somehow mitigate or condone what happened?

It comes down to this: would we rather be right (I got hurt – I’m entitled to feel hurt), or happy (it happened, I don’t know why, so perhaps, I can see this situation with love instead of blame)?

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