A few things have happened the last few weeks (including discovering these filters). I had some moments doubting myself. I questioned if I was helping people enough, or in the ‘right’ way. I noticed how much mirroring goes on in our communities – were others’ emotions affecting me, or were they simply mirroring the questioning going on inside my own head?

The clarity I finally found, is that I’m feeling pulled to be bolder in my work. That’s scary because it means I have to really practice what I preach, but what’s the point otherwise?

I realised I want live more by example, from love, and less by rhetoric. I believe you categorically CAN heal completely from trauma, and fear, and depression. I will be more outspoken that the only thing holding us back is our own fear. My practice (in life and work with clients) focuses on forgiveness and eliminating judgement. It’s daily and continuing. It is not complicated, but it does require a willingness, and faith.

So even though my ego is scared, and I have no idea what reaction I’ll get from talking about these principles, this faith, more openly, I’m willing to go there, and trust that if we’re supposed to work together in some way, or connect, we’ll find each other. And, if your curious about what it’s like to feel happier, more peaceful, and more secure, head to the counselling page to book a consult 💕