Just a little update from me… I’m in Portugal for a little while, exploring beaches, surfing, making new friends and getting some sun on my face. I’m seeing clients as normal but loving getting a bit more balance back in my life after a couple of years of fairly isolated living. I am reminded of how much I love meeting new people and exploring, but also how out of practice I am and how much energy it takes, so again, my word of the month is ‘balance’. I am remembering to be gentle with myself, to know that it’s OK if I can’t see all the people I want to that day, or see clients and go surfing and do yoga and go for drinks in the same day. Sometimes, I just want to lie down and take a nap at 4pm. I’m making that be OK. I’m not missing anything by honouring myself and my needs. I’ve only been here a few days but already feel so nourished and accepted into this new place. So, just a little reminder that whatever makes your soul come alive, find a way to do more of that <3