There is a common misconception that if you want something really badly, you have to work super duper hard to get it. I’d like to challenge this idea.


The whole concept of the law of attraction tells us that the universe is abundant i.e. there is more than enough of everything everyone wants, they just have to allow it by attracting it with the right type of positive thoughts and affirmations.


Now I’m not saying that everything will be easy for everyone, but rather, if your thoughts are in the right place, and consistent, you will be drawn to the right action and opportunity at the right time.


I always remember reading various interviews with singers and, generally, they all start the same way – ‘I always knew I was going to be a singer. I’d spend hours practising in front of the mirror singing into a hairbrush imaging myself singing to a sold out stadium.’


I’m sure these people worked tremendously hard to get to where they are now, but how much of that do you think was necessary? Do you think they had doubts at any point? Do you think they were in a constant state of allowing the whole time? Or do you think there were times when they didn’t feel good enough, they were scared and tired and wanted to give up? During these periods they were probably attracting more negative stuff and hard work, rather than all the positive things they were attracting at other times.


This is just my opinion, but I just have a feeling you know where I’m coming from. You know that thing you really love doing? Isn’t it just so much fun to do, that you just do it? You give up your spare time to do it so it must be good! Now if you do that, you must be pretty enthusiastic about it, right? You look forward to doing it, get engrossed in it, read articles about it…


Isn’t it easier to do something you love than something you hate?


So if it is easier, how badly do you want it? How badly do you want to live a joyful, happy life? How badly do you want to wake up feeling awesome every morning? If you want it that badly, focus on how great it is – live that dream now – and you’ll get it a whole lot easier!



Please be sensible – eating yummy chocolate and imagining it making you thinner is never going to work (shucks!).