Is the pace of modern day living getting you stressed? You know that really annoying piece of advice about counting to ten? There’s something in that advice.

Deep yogic breathing helps regulate the parasympathetic nervous system to help you feel more calm and in control. Oh, and it’s really easy to do, healthy, quick and you don’t look like an idiot doing it in public!

• Breathe through your nose.
• Make yourself comfortable with your back straight and upright.
• Close your eyes if you can or focus on just one spot (please don’t do this whilst driving!).
• Breathe in to the count of four. Feel the air moving from your upper chest, down in to your ribcage and finally in to your belly.
• Hold the breath for two counts.
• Breathe out for four counts. Feel the air being expelled from the belly, all the way up through the ribcage.
• Do not force the breath. If the counts are too long reduce to 2-1-2.

Focus only on the breath during this time.

Repeat for ten breaths.

Enjoy this feeling of calm and an awareness of your body.