You will not be who you are now a year from now. You will not be who you are now tomorrow. We forget this. We make plans. We worry. We want to know what will happen, how we will get to where we want to be. We think where we want to be now, will be where we will want to be a year from now. We forget we will not be the same then as we are now. We have it backwards.

How do you want to FEEL? Life is a series of moments. If you know how you want to feel, you can lean into that feeling now. If you feel how you want to feel now, it won’t matter what you’re doing in a year, you’ll feel how you want to feel (read that again and let it sink in).

You get to check in, re-evaluate, change your mind and re-calibrate. You get to move, moment by moment, in the here and now, towards how you want to feel. How you feel IS your life. Smell the honeysuckle. Smile at a stranger. Choose your life consciously.

[so in love with the copious amounts of wild honeysuckle in this part of Portugal – it smells amazing]