There is a line in the metaphysical text, A Course in Miracles, that resonates with me so strongly I smile every time I read it. That line is:

The light has come.

It’s actually one of the 365 lessons that make up part of the course. We live in a world of seeming darkness. We live in a world where we hear about terrible things happening every day. People live in fear of their lives. People live in fear full stop.

The Course can seem overly simplistic in it’s message. The message is simply that only love is real. Everything else is our perception. It asks us to really challenge the way we see the world and for some people that just isn’t possible, and so they return to their fear based lives, waiting for something better to come along.

My personal journey is one of trying to live more and more in the present moment. I have read Eckhart Tolle’s books and studied mindfulness in the more traditional setting of my yoga practice. I study the course in the same vein, taking one step at a time, one moment at a time, and if it works for me and gives me a sense of peace, I’ll continue.

The light has come is a wake up call for everyone living in fear. It’s a reminder that the light – the peace, the happiness and the love is already here. It lives in each and every one of us. It lives in you. It lives in me. It lives in the person you don’t like and your best friend. We are all connected. What’s in you is in me and what’s in me is in you. The light is here. When you learn to look for the light instead of the darkness, when you truly forgive yourself and those you think have wronged you, you will see it.

I’m in a group on Facebook centered around the teachings of the course. This week someone posted in there. It was vicious, very racist (towards white people), incredibly judgemental and completely over-generalised. It triggered a lot of people who commented and were defensive, yet what I saw was a greater outpouring of love for this person who obviously lived in great fear, thinking a huge proportion of the world was out to get ‘people like her’. Whilst I know awful things are going on in the world, things that should never happen to anyone, until we as individuals learn to forgive and send love to each other, these atrocities will continue. Instead of perpetuating the hate and pouring energy into the negativity, send love and forgiveness to heal the situation.

I’ve slowly learned that peoples’ only motivation is to be loved. Yes, it can come across really backward – why would you hurt someone if you want them to love you? That’s fear. Fear of being rejected. Fear of being attacked. The ego is a weird thing. It’s not rational or sane. It’s defensive and hateful. Learn to separate the ego from the person and see each act as simply love, or a call for love.

Simplistic? Yes. My experience in a moment to moment life. It works. I’m at peace. I’m happy. I feel loved.


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