I realised the other day after explaining how I work with so called ‘bad’ habits, behaviours and thought patterns in a much more compassionate way than trying to exert ‘willpower’ over ourselves to a client, that much of my theories and ways of working fit in very well to the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy.

Since this isn’t an approach I’ve ever studied, I’m kind of astounded as to how closely it fits with my own intuitive ways of working developed from studying and working with other forms of psychotherapy and hundreds over clients over the years.

Having read up on it a bit this week, I realised I had already downloaded this podcast and it was in my queue. If you’re interested in a much kinder and gentler way of working with and learning about yourself, I highly recommend it.

If you’re interested in a more compassionate way of being with yourself, with more effective results, please also consider working with me.