Oh Hello!

How’s tricks?

I started writing a post this morning but just deleted about 300 words and decided to write this instead. The reason? I was falling in to the same trap I’ve been falling in and out of all year. I was writing about what I wanted to write about, rather than what you want to hear.

Having been truly inspired by a couple of new(ish) blogs this week (theuncagedlife.com & alexandrafranzen.com), I looked at my own website again. I tried to look at it as a visitor.

I hated what I saw and read.

I’ve been trying to write honestly and be real with you guys and instead I’ve done so much ‘research’ on how to write, my pages came across as fake and trying too hard.

To all of you who have been reading my blog – I hope you have caught a glimpse of the real me beneath the fluff and to newbies, hopefully now you can see who I really am, and decide for yourself if there’s something useful here for you.

I have no idea how I strayed so far from my truth and from what I was really trying to achieve and how I really wanted to help people. I may be talking about myself, but this allows you guys to see on face value if it’s worth engaging with me or not. If I’m not your type of person you can move on and find what you need, without wasting your time.

If, however, something in me reaches out and speaks to you in a way that makes you think I can help you find your truth and intuition, we can talk and you can share some of who you are and allow yourself to open and grow, safe in the knowledge someone ‘gets’ you and what you’re doing.

So the new look website is all about me, but for you. I’ve been as real as I can and really nailed down what I do, who I do it with and why I do it (sooooo many innuendos…so little time!). 

So now you know about me, what about you?

What do your online identities really say about you? Do they represent who you are? Are they a true reflection of you? Do you think a stranger reading them would get a sense of what you’re about from what you say about yourself?

If not, why not?

If there’s a reason – like, oh, I dunno, you still have a ‘job’ which is paying the bills so have to come across all professional – feel free to use this site as your spiritual home away from home. Pull up a chair, comment away, email me and be yourself!