How about we just say what’s true for us in this moment? How about instead of calculating how many times we have or haven’t lived up to our definition of what we want to be, we just let ourselves BE?
Who I am is a fluid concept. It changes moment to moment. I teach people how to have healthy relationships, but that doesn’t mean all my relationships are healthy all of the time. Does that change my ability to help you? No. Does it make me human? Yes. “I am trustworthy”. Am I? Maybe in this moment, but what if I do something that is out of integrity for me? Does that mean that forever more I am no longer trustworthy?

Let’s stop judging ourselves and other people based on calculations about past behaviour and ratios of good vs bad.
If I see you for who you are, in this moment, does it make me naive? Or does it give you the opportunity to show up in integrity? It certainly gives me the opportunity to see you as you are and trust my instincts based on truth and what’s real RIGHT NOW rather than past history and projecture.
I invite you to try seeing those in your life in the present moment, as if you didn’t know any of their history – just see them as they are now. What you see might surprise you

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