For the past couple of months, I’ve been developing my spiritual practice and stumbled upon the Akashic Records.

When I wasn’t sure what to write to you after that last sentence, I opened the Records and did a healing for myself and asked for guidance as to what I should share with you and what would be most helpful for you. So here’s the rest…

If this is super heady for you don’t worry – our spiritual paths are all different and all of equal value. Keep reading and I hope there will be a universal message you can take away with you.

The Akashic Records are effectively a spiritual database of every single soul’s existence – past lives, future life possibilities, lessons to be learned, everything that has ever been said, thought or done by that soul. Whenever we want, we all have access to dive into our own records and ask for guidance, understanding or healing on a particular topic and the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones will relay the messages we need to hear right now to us, from the Lords of the Records, who are like guardians of the Records.

As the Records are a light realm, we become en-light-ened by simply being in the Records. The Record’s healing light sees us how we truly are – perfect in every way, and this is immensely healing. We can also use the Records to help clear unwanted beliefs and replace them with new ones.

An example of this is that I’m currently working on money blocks (one for everyone to do at some point I think!) and I knew I had some stuff to clear, so I made myself a meditation of me stating all the new money affirmations I now believe in. I asked for guidance from the Lords of the Records as to how I should clear my beliefs, and I was told by the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones that I should listen to the meditation with the Records open, and they would embed these new beliefs in for me and remove any that didn’t fit in any longer.

I said, “Well that sounds super simple!” and I heard, “It is!” in response.

That mediation was profound. It was probably the deepest meditation I’ve ever done and I was left with really warm hands and a complete feeling of peace. I can’t tell you if I’m a millionaire yet but I do feel a whole lot better about my relationship with money after just 30mins in the Records doing that meditation and being healed.

You can read other peoples’ Records too, with their permission of course. I’ve only recently started doing this but the results have been truly touching and people have gained much insight on problems they’re facing in their lives, a lot of which seemed to tie in with other readings they had had that I wasn’t aware of.

My message for you is this: Things aren’t so complicated. Beliefs are just thoughts stuck in your head, and they ARE under your control. Explore your mind. Treat it with the curiosity of a child. Try different things. Keep going. Your world is about to change 🙂


P.S. If you’re interested in having your own reading done, sign up here and I’ll let you know when I’m offering them xx


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