Is it so scary to reach out and tell someone you’re thinking of them?
I’ve been leaning in and leaning out of this a lot recently, like rocking my inner child back and forth (working with @TylaFowler you get a LOT of great visual metaphors!) and recognising that no matter how much work we do, life ensures that we always have another edge to lean into, another comfort zone to expand and another boundary which can cause us to retreat a little and regroup.
For me, that’s been getting intimate with my vulnerability and opening my heart even more…to life, to love, to opportunities….and to pain.

It’s all the same, and it’s all good. We just keep moving forward until we nudge a boundary, we recognise it, we reorganise, set up the space we need to feel comfortable, and move forward again.
I’m grounding into the acceptance of this process – the flow of forward, stop, resistance, back, forwards again. It’s part of life. It’s what informs our actions and choices and ultimately, it’s how we know what happiness feels like

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