Some words of wisdom I know are right, but am still learning to put into practice consistently:

Don’t stay stuck in your victimhood just because giving up the justifications for being hurt or angry seems too great a sacrifice. When the sacrifice you feel by holding your pain becomes greater than the ego’s desire to remain right in it’s opinion of whatever happened, you will naturally let the past go, and find peace. It doesn’t make sense to me that for so long, we have tried to ‘forgive’ and ‘move on’ from trauma, whilst still desperately clinging to the fact that we had wrong done to us, and therefore we are a ‘victim’ or a ‘survivor’. How can we imagine we can let go of trauma and find peace if we continue to carry around the badge of honour we supposedly earned through living through it? We don’t have to deny it happened, but perhaps, one day, we can find a way to see it differently, and realise it is our judgements which cause us pain, and if we stop making things, people and events right or wrong or good or bad, then we can allow ourselves to experience life as it is, instead of making it into something else

Photo taken at: Polzeath

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