She realised that what she desired, what she had felt was missing these last few weeks, was control. She had chosen to dis-empower herself, to choose the path of others, and wait to see what might happen. She made herself a victim of her circumstances. A stander-by in the play of her own life.

She thought she was powerless, but she was not. She thought she had to wait, to be told what to do, to take an enforced break from life, but she did not.

The only way through she realised, was to empower herself and remember that she could make a choice. She could use her agency and decide what she needed to do for her. She could decide how to adapt to changing circumstances. She could choose to live in fear, or choose to be an example of love.

If you’re feeling helpless, hopeless, or disinterested, where, or to whom, have you given your power?

Place your attention on what you CAN do, rather than what you can’t. Replace your stories of victim-hood with present moment awareness, and affirmative gratitude for what you are choosing now, instead of recreating the situations of the past by continually reaffirming your entitlement to be sad or challenged or in pain. You are entitled to feel that way, but I imagine you do not want to. That choice lies solely with you.

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Photo taken at: Wales

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